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They used to do great together, and then they started liking each other – and dating.Once they started dating, they lost that connection in their dancing, ‘cause I think they were, like, embarrassed of each other.She shows interest in him (not knowing Lucas has feelings for Peyton Sawyer), however he doesn't show the same feelings back.They are two very different people, her being a popular and party girl, and him being a quiet and not so popular guy.It is unknown what will happen in later episodes, as Brandon did not return for season one.Kelly: Brandon and Brooke got paired up as duet partners. ""I'm going to the Tutor Center to get my wife," Nathan answers his older brother, and grabs a metal baseball bat out of Whitey's office."Nate, there is a kid with a gun, you can't protect yourself from a bullet with a baseball bat! We just have to be really quiet."Nathan nods, and walks out the door and down the deserted hallway.Lucas stops what he's doing and kisses her forehead and smoothes her hair, "I love you too, Brooke. I'm not ok," Brooke replies sarcastically as a tear falls down her cheek.--"But my parents don't live here!

Summary: A plan to woo Brooke's best friend backfires when Lucas is faced with a stressing dilemma. But that time she longed for didn't turn out like she had expected. She needed to talk to Lucas, but she wanted to gather her thoughts before doing so. She wouldn't have been confident enough to say what she knew needed to be said. "I thought I could find you here." her normal flirty tone traveled the distance between them. Instead, she chose to show him that she wasn't affected; that, though, she liked him, she could survive without him. He wouldn't have wanted to reassure her that things were going to be okay. It wasn't until his brilliant scheme that she even began to notice him. She merely helped him because she knew it was what he wanted; that it'd make him happy. Lucas approached Brooke, his smile still pursing his lips. Normally, just hearing her name would have made him think about her all day. Lucas didn't need Peyton to occupy his every waking thought because now he had Brooke.

Full Summary: Ok, so I've seen different versions of the school shooting where Brooke gets shot, but I too have decided to write one. Brooke and Lucas are dating and there is absolutly NO LEYTON. Everyone was standing in the hallway getting ready for the first class of the day to start. Whitey yells at the Scott boys who are running off to get their girls from the hell that is going on inside their school."Lucas! " Peyton yells, and tries to run after them."ON THE BUS MISS DAVIS! Peyton is pulled by the waist from one of her classmates and the buss speeds off to safety.--Haley ushers the last of the stranded students into the Tutor Center, shuts and locks the door and turns the lights off. "You're bleeding pretty badly, B.""I was cut by some glass. Open the door, Haley," Skillz says, looking at Haley and nodding, showing her that he believes her and trusts her judgment.

The only way Lucas sees Peyton is as a younger sister sense he is hopelessly in love with Brooke..we all know its true..Authors Note: Again, huge thanks to Carabell. Hope you guys like this story..the Breyton sisterhood I created. Brooke and Peyton Davis were just turning the corner when they stopped in panic. Haley opens the door, and barely has time to step back when Nathan walks in and pulls her to him and kisses her head. " Brooke whispers, turning her head to look at him. "Lucas, I'm so tired.""Brooke, you have to stay awake.

And in a standard Brooke manner, she loved the idea of them spending so much time together. She quickly said her good-byes and practically ran to her car. "Luke," Brooke called as she parked her white Beetle and stepped out of her car. Brooke turned back to Lucas, her tears now rolling freely down her cheeks. She didn't necessarily have to talk to him, but not seeing him all day would have been a little too obvious. Lucas debated the thoughts that were flooding his mind. He wouldn't be wondering if he had hurt her last night by his lack of a response. She wanted to be with him and it didn't take another woman to make that happen. In fact, this was the last place he thought she'd be. She dribbled the orange ball in her hands, concentrating hard as she did so. That became obvious as the ball got away from her over and over again. He kind of enjoyed watching her try something that he was so passionate about. Lucas shrugged, his eyes still focused on the girl in front of him.

Brooke didn't stay to congratulate the team as the buzzer sounded. Brooke had succeeded in avoiding him all day, but she was certain, as the day was winding down, that they were destined to run into each other. As her thoughts continued to captivate her mind, Brooke began to wonder why she was even avoiding him in the first place. He tried to convince himself, but if that were so, he wouldn't be thinking about Brooke right now. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * He hadn't expected to find her here. I can't do this to her." "She doesn't want me for me, Brooke.

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