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E datingarticles com

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What should a teen do if he or she feels they are in an abusive relationship or is thinking of leaving a violent mate?

The same goes the other way around, if mom makes all the decisions, and rules the roost so to speak, or decides she can go where she pleases while dad sits home and babysits, then Suzy is more likely to behave much the same in her relationships.

Abuse wears many hats and appears in many different faces.

They may feel so strongly about having a relationship that a bad relationship is better than no relationship at all. Positive role models in healthy relationships are important for teens to learn the necessary skills in dating relationships.

Teens are also highly susceptible to a general and common belief that not having a romantic relationship means there is something wrong mentally, emotionally or physically. Without positive role models teens may not realize their behaviors in dating relationships are abusive or that they are in an abusive dating relationship.

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Do you suspect your teen is in an abusive dating relationship?

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