Fcc investigation on stock back dating creative dating headline examples

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Fcc investigation on stock back dating

Rosenworcel said this month that the FCC's mandating an alternative from programmers might exceed its authority and be too meddlesome for the agency.

Commissioners are also concerned about the potential for copyright violations.

First, there were allegations that Apple and a host of other tech companies were colluding to prevent competitors from poaching each others workforce, so-called poaching of the payroll. Then, it was board of directors overlap, with Google CEO Eric Schmidt sitting on both Apple's board and his own company's.

That spawned a Federal Trade Commission investigation.

The act of options backdating has become much more difficult as companies are now required to report the granting of options to the SEC within two business days.Pai has objected to the FCC's decision to classify broadband as a telecommunications service to be regulated under Title II. Ed Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat, said in a news conference in Washington before Pai's talk."Earlier today, I shared with my fellow commissioners a proposal to reverse the mistake of Title II and return to the light-touch regulatory framework that served our nation so well during the Clinton administration, the Bush administration and the first six years of the Obama administration," Pai said. "We cannot keep the promise of net neutrality openness and freedom without the rules that ensure it." "Chairman Pai and the Trump administration should expect a tsunami of resistance from a grass-roots movement of Americans," he added.The commission, then, was supposed to vote on whether companies like Comcast and Time Warner Cable should be forced to offer an alternative.The reasons for the delayed FCC vote vary, but they include recently-stated concerns that the agency may not have the regulatory authority to mandate such a change.

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This adjustment to the filing window came in with the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation.

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