Form validating event vb net graham wardle and amber marshall dating 2016

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Form validating event vb net

My problem is: When I edit stuff in the textboxes, then click the menu to issue "Save", the text from the last text box still hasn't issued its "Validating" method.This appears to be because the control still has focus, and that the menu is in a separate thread.

Web pages have a special problem with validation because the entire form is sent to the server.How can I force the validating events to fire when the user clicks "save"?Is there an easy way to disable all form validation when the user clicks on the "X" icon to close an application or when the user clicks on a button in the application that closes the application? If any of the controls cancel the Validating event, this method will return false; otherwise, it will return true.If a control is bound to a data source, and the Validating event occurs, it will cause the control to push its current data back to the data source.

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