Sedating felines for neutering

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Sedating felines for neutering

Zinc is a natural spermicide, and the injection allows the product to render the dog infertile.Even as the sperm are dying, the dog’s body is responding by blocking the tubes that carry sperm with scar tissue, while absorbing and metabolizing the solution.Not only is this a responsible thing to do as a pet owner but it may also help reduce the risks of unwanted behaviours such as spraying or marking and can help to extend life expectancy.

Most animals are very excited to be back at home and may eat or drink excessively, causing them to vomit what they just ingested.

I've read online that they need to stop eating by midnight the night before, but my Vet is telling me that we have to stop feeding him by 6pm of the day before! I know after the op he will either wake up at home...

A totally different and very stressful scenario from the midnight one. or wake up back in the cages but too groggy to comprehend where he is...

At Van Isle Veterinary Hospital all of our spays and neuters include a pre-anesthetic exam, pre-surgical blood work to assess your cat’s health prior to sedation, IV fluids to maintain good hydration and blood pressure while under anesthetic, a complimentary trace tattoo, nail trim and take home pain medications.

Spaying or neutering your cat is essential to control unwanted pregnancies and to help reduce the overpopulation of strays.

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I'm hoping to get an appointment to get my one year old boy done this week...

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