Tall women dating website

Posted by / 21-Feb-2016 10:02

That is, say that tall women are sexy, you love the long legs, you like to be towered over by a woman.

Apparently, this very tall woman is seeing things from a relative standpoint.If this 6-4 tall woman is attracted to the 5-6 man, she should go for it; though I, personally, am drawn only to men around 6-2.My phone gave a satisfying bing as a new message from Ok Cupid.com, the ubiquitous free online dating site, popped onto the screen: "Lime Green Robot is checking you out!This is where I bring up the Bruce Lee/Kramer comparison. I believe, though I could be wrong, that the primary reason that very tall women don’t like dating short men is that they’ll worry about being stared at; looking funny holding hands with a short man; what other people will think.Goofball klutz Kramer from the TV show, “Seinfeld,” is 6-3. I hardly believe it’s because of back pain from hunching over.

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Update: With over 700 votes in, the clear trend, aside for the 5’11 anomaly, is guys feel the threshold should be 5’10 and ladies feel it should be 6′.