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If one of the subjects below pertains to your life, we want to hear your story! We are interested in hearing how your life is shaped by the career choice of your parent. CALLING ALL TWINSAre you a twin who’s tired of being a package deal?

For almost two decades MTV has been blazing the trail of documentary storytelling, sharing the unique experiences and perspectives of young adults with the world. Or do you have a parent who makes a living designing, manufacturing or selling sexy toys or other adult products and related goods and services.

One series that is usually quite good is called “True Life.” Each half-hour episode of “True Life” focuses on two or three subjects who are all grappling with a difficult issue: coming out, eating disorders, mental illness, internet addiction–if there’s a problem teenagers and 20-somethings have in this country, “True Life” has covered it.

Last night’s episode focuses on two young married couples in interfaith relationships.

The model also shows off a myriad of other 'beauty fixes' she uses, including a daily shot of garlic powder, balsamic vinaigrette, sage, and olive oil - which she claims helps to 'preserve your body' - as well as a skincare regimen that involves washing her face eight to ten times per day.

After picking up the pig's blood from a butcher in a large bucket, Chanel climbs into the tub wearing only her underwear and begins pouring the thick, red liquid all over her body.

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Please also include your name, city, state, contact phone number and recent photo. Have you finally gotten to a place in your life where you’re considering making a big change, like moving away from your twin for the first time…or even making a drastic physical change, just to differentiate and claim your individuality once and for all?